A Great Review

19 Jun

CCOM went on another field trip!  Can you guess where?

ggmovie1No, we didn’t imbibe at a speakeasy.  We saw Gatsby at the theater!

We’re going to make these movie reviews down and dirty, much like the parties at Jay Gatsby’s.  Each of us will share a few thoughts about the film, and then we leave you dash of to your nearest multiplex to watch this version of Fitzgerald’s hit.

GG for blogChristine’s thoughts:

Tea Time: One of my favorite parts was the scene where Nick invites Daisy to his house for tea and Gatsby is there. DiCaprio plays Jay Gatz beautifully: the longing, the hoping, the dreaming…the part where he’s dripping wet in a white summer suit.  He’s boyishly charming.  It’s endearing.   I found myself wanting things to work out between the former sweethearts.  Then I told myself to snap out of it and quit rooting for the affair.

Nick Carraway:  Moments before the movie started, I maintained that Nick was merely a tool Fitzgerald used to tell the tale: a narrator and nothing more.  I was wrong.  He became caught up in the soap opera just as much as the other characters.  I found myself liking Nick less and less.  He was an accessory to both affairs.

Clothing:  It was breath-taking.  The women were gorgeous and dramatic with their styled hair, fashionable hats, and beaded dresses.  The men were incredibly dashing with their suspendered pants, buttoned vests, and tailored jackets!  I even liked the pink suit!  Click on this link to learn a little more about Prada’s part in the costuming.  By the end of the night I found myself sighing that my hair would never do what Jordan Baker’s did.

Stay tuned to see what my fellow flapper fans have to say about big screen version of
The Great Gatsby.

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