A little about Clarissa

25 Jun

Earlier I whined about how hard it was to journal for Mrs. Dalloway.  I shared that I had been Mrs. D cover 2taking notes based on the characters not on the events (since there weren’t many).

Clarissa Dalloway

  • likes to pick out her own flowers
  • looks like a bird
  • has a weakened heart from an influenza
  • perfect hostess
  • rejected a marriage proposal from Peter Walsh
  • thinks Walsh’s life is a failure
  • has superb instincts about people (or at least thinks she does)
  • wants the approval of others
  • doesn’t believe in God
  • sleeps apart from her husband Richard
  • has a daughter named Elizabeth
  • disapproves of daughter’s friend Miss Kilman
  • poorly educated
  • in her youth “loved” Sally Seton
  • excluded from lunch with Lady Bruton and her husband Richard Dalloway
  • repairs her own party dress

I’m fifty pages into the story.  What would you add to my list?

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