28 Jun

Are any of the couples in Mrs. Dalloway happy?

We know that Clarissa and Richard have been sleeping apart since her illness.  Mrs. Dalloway spends a lot of time thinking about when she refused Peter Walsh’s marriage proposal.  She also thinks back to her teenage love of her friend Sally Seton.  That doesn’t seem content.

There’s dapper Hugh Whitbread and his perpetually sick wife Evelyn.  Are they happy?Mrs. D cover 3

Peter Walsh has returned to seek his attorney’s help in securing a divorce because he’s now in love with a married twenty-four year old mother of two.  Definitely unhappy–thinking love with an off-limits woman will make him happy.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith struggle with the effects of Septimus’ mental illness.  They both think about the possibility of Septimus killing himself.  Lucrezia is trapped in a country that’s not her own with a man she loves and fears.  Septimus is trapped in his own mind.  He loves his wife but wants/needs/is afraid to be without her, knowing he will end his life.  Heart-wrenchingly unhappy.

Will we meet any happily married couples?


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2 responses to “Couples

  1. Tonia

    June 28, 2013 at 9:21 am

    No happy couples in this one… and I’m wondering if we’ll see any happy books. Seems like not very many “classics” are happy books. Must be a reason for that 😉


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