Checking in on Mrs. D.

01 Jul

Mrs Dalloway check-in1

Still reading?
Have you finished Woolf’s classic?
(stage whisper) Have you given up?

Don’t give up!  A book without plot will not defeat us!
I have about forty pages left.  I’m determined  to attend Clarissa’s party today.

If you are still running the stream-of-thought race, please share your place in the comments.

If you have successfully completed the novel, you can

1. Start the WEM wrap-up questions.  Retitling this one is going to take some work.
2. Test your memory for details with the sparknotes quiz.
3. Throw yourself a “I finished the book!” celebration party and spend the day writing down every thought you have.
4. Check out this movie version and share your review with us.
Vanessa Redgrave stars as Mrs. D.
5.  Start hunting for a copy of our next title: Kafka’s The Trial.

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One response to “Checking in on Mrs. D.

  1. dangermom

    July 1, 2013 at 10:28 am

    I finished it! I even enjoyed it. Need to write a post today…


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