Doubling Back for Dalloway

28 Jul

Screeeech!  That was the sound of me slamming on the breaks and turning this CCOM car around.
I am doubling back for Mrs. DallowayMrs

It’s Sunday, so let me start off with a little confession of my latest WEM sins.  I am just now starting the wrap up questions for Mrs. Dalloway.  I know!  Shocker!  and after our New Year’s resolution too.  Last night as I looked through my copy of the text and tried to read my illegible journal notes, I realized that we did not spend very much time discussing our twentieth tale.

For that reason, I’m taking a detour and backtracking to give a few days to Clarissa, Peter, and the Smiths.

After that lengthy explanation, I’d like to share the subtitle of this blog post:

Clarissa and Lizzy

Perhaps to be more accurate the title should be:

Peter and Lizzy

In both Mrs. Dalloway and Pride & Prejudice some serious statements regarding wedded bliss are made.  There’s this one from Jane Austen:

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

And this one from Virginia Woolf:

…for there’s nothing in the world so bad for some women as marriage, he thought;

According to Peter Walsh, those wealthy, single men are ruining good women.  I already noted the many unhappy relationships in this title.  Is this an example of Woolf showing the strain between tradition and modernism?  In Mrs. Dalloway Hugh Whitbread is traditional, married to a convalescent wife.  Peter Walsh is modern, returning to England to obtain a divorce so that he can be with his new love, a married woman.

I wonder what our next novels will think about marriage.

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