The Verdict

29 Jul

Trial Check-In

The three of us at “A Classic Case of Madness” are finished with Kafka’s The Trial.  I was the caboose, closing the book just yesterday.

Where are you in the story?  Please share you place in the comments.

If you have successfully completed the novel, you may…

1. Read something less bewildering for fun.
2. Brag that you read Kafka over your summer break.
3. Be thankful for the U.S. judicial system.
4. Watch this cinematic version of the story.  Anthony Hopkins plays the priest.
5. Remember to do your WEM wrap-up questions.
6. Search for a copy of our next title: book twenty-two–Richard Wright’s Native Son.

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One response to “The Verdict

  1. April

    July 31, 2013 at 12:17 am

    I just entered the Cathedral after my stop with the painter, I now carry images of the Heath. I liked the Sunset Over the Heath. It reminded me if my pal Eustasia!


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