Uninvited and Invited

30 Jul

Peter Walsh tells us a secret about Clarissa’s husband.  Mrs. D cover 4
Mr. Dalloway doesn’t think people should read Shakespeare.

But how could she swallow all that stuff about poetry?  How could she let him hold forth about Shakespeare?  Seriously and solemnly Richard Dalloway got on his hind legs and said that no decent man ought to read Shakespeare’s sonnets because it was like listening at keyholes (besides, the relationship was not one that he approved).

Well, Richard, I’m going to have to uninvite you from our book club.  When we reach the poetry section of The Well-Educated Mind, we are going to read sonnets.  Lots of them.

If Septimus Warren Smith had not impulsively thrown himself out the window, I would have personally delivered his invite to read along with us.  For you see, he was

…one of those half-educated, self-educated men whose education is all learnt from books borrowed from public libraries, read in the evening after the day’s work, on the advice of well-known authors consulted by letter.

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