Returning to The Trial

09 Aug

I shared on Facebook that I finished The Trial on July 27th.  Whew!  Finally.
But I’m still pondering what it all means.
When someone says, “How Kafkaesque!” in conversation, do I know exactly what she means?

This week I’m rereading my journal and scanning over my copy of the book (which I got out of the freebie box at the library’s annual book sale.  What does that say about Kafka?).

Back to my copy of the classic…  It’s this one.The Trial

The Trial: The Definitive Edition
Introduction by George Steiner
Translated from the German by Will and Edwin Muir
Revised, and with additional material translated by E.M. Butler.
Drawings by Franz Kafka
Schocken Books, New York 1992

Did you catch that?  Drawings by Franz Kafka.
Let me show you.Trial chpt 1

I failed in my attempt to find additional information about the drawings.  The Trial chpt 2

But I am inclined to make this sketch my new gravatar photo.  It perfectly depicts how I felt while reading The Trial.

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