It’s not a dream

13 Aug

I suppose there are people who are arrested on their thirtieth birthday, but I imagine that most of them know with what crime they are being charged.

Chapter 1: No one seems to understand Joseph K’s legal troubles; not his landlady, not his wardens, not Joseph himself.  Maybe the Captain sleeping in the next room does, but if so, Kafka’s not telling.

Chapter 2: What would it be like to report to a court room without directions or an appointment time?

When Joseph makes it past the washerwoman, he explains the unusualness of his case.  The crowd seems moved but they are all wearing badges.  What does that mean?  The magistrate says J.K.’s behavior has taken away his own advantages.  How can this be?

The Trial chpt 3

Chapter 3: At his next trip to be interrogated, the room is empty.  The law books are full of obscene pictures.  The married washerwoman is carried away by a student with snapping teeth.

The usher leads Joseph to where other accused men sit waiting.  Waiting for what?  Joseph becomes faint but when taken to fresh air the clerks begin to feel ill.

Bizarre doesn’t begin to describe this book.

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