Something Bad

24 Aug

Not even thirty pages into Native Son, I have decided something bad is going to happen to our main character Bigger.

In the opening scene, Bigger kills a rat then tortures his sister with it.  There’s a discussion about how if Bigger does not get a job the family will lose their public assistance.  Bigger’s mom makes a terrible statement.

Bigger, sometimes I wonder why I birthed you,” she said bitterly.

Later she foretells:

And the gallows is at the end of the road you traveling, boy.  Just remember that.”

This gives us a pretty clear indication of what home life is like for our main character.

Lest you think Mrs. Thomas is the only one who sees a bleak future for Bigger, here’s what he has to say about himself:

Sometimes I feel like something awful’s going to happen to me,” Bigger spoke with a tinge of bitter pride in his voice.

Author Richard Wright is steering this novel, and he’s already let us know we’re in for a fatal collision.

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