10 Nov

19841984 CCOM
Book II chapter viii

It’s Hate Week.  In the midst of “celebrating”, the war switches from Eurasia to Eastaisa with the explanation that it was Goldstein sabotage.  Five year’s worth of corrections must be made by Winston’s department, but when the work is done, no evidence remains and the war is transferred.  No questions asked.



Have you ever told your kids the plan for the day and then switched it, pretending nothing’s changed?

Mom: Children, we’re going to run some errands and end the day by going out for pizza.
Children: Yea!  We’re going out for pizza.  We’re going out for pizza.
Mom: Children, you are absolutely correct.  We’re going to run some errands and end the day by going out for fried chicken.

Children: crickets.    What?!  Mom, you said we’re going out for pizza!  I heard you!  She said, “pizza,” didn’t she?!  You heard her.  Mom said pizza and now she’s switching it to chicken.  Mom, you can’t switch it.  You promised!

Oceania doesn’t even blink.

Doubleplus Ridiculous.

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One response to “Ridiculous

  1. Christina Joy

    November 11, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    Doublethink could be a very useful parenting tool. I bet if you stick it out long enough you could train them.

    At our house one of the children already seems to have his own uses for the skill. Maybe I’ll start calling him Big Brother. Or not.


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