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26 Nov

There’s something quaint about reading futuristic novels after the future is, well, the past.

Obviously, Orwell’s predictions have not come to reality.  My home decor doesn’t include a telescreen, I haven’t spotted a single Big Brother poster on my commute to work, my children haven’t donned spy apparel.

Those incredibly apparent places where he missed the mark give me a sense of relief.  Hoorah!  Society yielded his warning!  But, there were a few other spots where his prophetic genius was just slightly off target, and instead of a striking fear in my heart, it brought a smile to my face.

For instance, had Orwell only known how teensy tiny surveillance equipment would become, his initial love scene would have needed a new setting.

“Yes.  Look at the trees.”  They were small ashes, which at some time had been cut down and had sprouted up again into a forest of poles, none of them thicker than one’s wrist.  “There’s nothing big enough to hide a mike in.”

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Posted by on November 26, 2013 in 1984


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One response to “Tech Heavy

  1. Jerry

    November 26, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    Okay, but in communist Russia he was spot on. If you were against the party you could trust no one, even a family member could turn you in to the authorities, and in return the “ratter” could be rewarded for his loyalty to the party, and I agree that today we don’t need a telescreen, because we voluntarily let everyone know where we are and what are doing via our technologies, and that is why we are seeing a push back today against what government can and cannot keep track off.


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