15 Dec

In Invisible Man chapter 2, Mr. Norton and Jim Trueblood meet.  I’ll phrase this delicately.  Mrs. Trueblood and her daughter are both expecting.  Jim Trueblood is not going to be an uncle.  No, he’s going to be a father again.  Twice.

That said, my question is about school trustee Mr. Norton’s reaction to the scandal.

“You did and are unharmed!” he shouted, his blue eyes blazing into the black face with something like envy and indignation.  Trueblood looked helplessly at me.  I looked away.  I understood no more than he.

Envy?  Norton meets a man who has committed incest and he looks on him with envy?

Earlier in the chapter Norton described his beautiful dead daughter and showed the narrator her framed miniature.  Norton goes on and on about her beauty, her goodness, her purity.  She died when they were traveling the world together–just the two of them.  He’s never recovered.  Never forgiven himself.

Is the reader supposed to think….   ?

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One response to “Creepy

  1. Ruth @ An Experiment With The Well-Educated Mind

    December 15, 2013 at 10:18 pm

    That is totally creepy! I never considered that. It was difficult enough having to deal with the whole Trueblood situation alone. Yikes!


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