Chapter Check-in

16 Dec


It’s check-in time.  Where are you in Invisible Man?  After finishing chapter fifteen, I realized that  Ellison writes great chapter endings.  Check it out.

chapter 1:  (It was a dream I was to remember and dream again for many years after.  But at that time I had no insight into its meaning.  First I had to attend college.)

chapter 2: I stepped on the gas, wondering where I could get some whisky.  Not in the town, that would take too long.  There was only one place, the Golden Day
“I’ll have you some in a few minutes, sir.”  I said.
“As soon as you can,” he said.

chapter 3: He was silent as I drove away.

chapter 4: I left somewhat reassured, but not completely,  I still had to face Dr. Bledsoe.  And I had to attend chapel.

chapter 5:  I stood in the darkened doorway trying to probe my future if I were expelled.  Where would I go,what would I do?  How could I ever return home?

chapter 6: I grabbed my bags and hurried for the bus.

chapter 7: I reached Men’s House in a sweat, registered, and went immediately to my room.  I would have to take Harlem a little at a time.

chapter 8: Something was certain to happen tomorrow.  And it did.  I received a letter from Mr. Emerson.

chapter 9: I could hardly get to sleep for dreaming of revenge.

The author does a great job leading the reader into the next chapter.  I could almost use the ending sentences as chapter summaries.  Pretty nifty.

Summarize your feelings about the novel so far and while you’re at it, please leave your place in the comments.

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