21 Dec

Invisible Man chapter 6

The chapel service is over and our narrator is back in Dr. Bledsoe’s office.  If eyes are the windows to the soul, Doctor Bledsoe’s soul is remaining in the shadow of his glasses.  Did you notice how many times his glasses hide his face, mask his true feelings?

In Bledsoe’s office the narrator receives the education he missed out during his years of college.

There are lessons about lying:  “the only way to please a white man is to tell him a lie!”

There are lessons about honesty: “So you go ahead, go tell your story, match your truth against my truth, because what I’ve said is truth, the broader truth.”

There are lessons about character:  “You let the white folk worry about pride and dignity–you learn where you are and get yourself power, influence, contacts with powerful and influential people–then stay in the dark and use it!”

Dr. Bledsoe has revealed that he does not always practice what he preaches.

After this enlightening schooling session, I no longer trust Dr. Bledsoe and his sealed letters of recommendation.  Do you?

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