The Letter

08 Jan

Invisible Man Chapter 9

When you finally got to read Dr Bledsoe’s letter of introduction for the narrator, were you surprised at its contents?

Sadly, I was not.  I doubted Bledsoe’s trustworthiness from that revealing interview in his office.

When it comes time to complete those end of the book WEM wrap-up questions, simply add “The Letters” to the list of things standing in our main character’s way.

I thought that Ellison crafted two particularly interesting sentences in this chapter.  After the narrator’s humiliation with Bledsoe’s letters, he flees to the Men’s House.  Here he flops on his bed and dictates his own letter to Ellison.  Part of which says…

“Please hope him to death, and keep him running.”

Hoped to death.  Such a sad sentiment.

Remember when I said Ellison wrote great chapter endings?  My other favorite sentence from this chapter was the very last one.

“I could hardly get to sleep for dreaming of revenge.”

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