100 YS Chapter 5

15 Apr

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez100YS blog

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Chapter 5

  • A double-wedding became a single. Aureliano and Remedios tied the knot, but Rebeca and Pietro didn’t.  Just who did write that misleading letter?  Amaranta?
  • Father Nicanor, the levitating priest, raised money to build a church.  I’m a huge hot chocolate lover, but it’s never caused me to float.
  • Amaranta– “For long months she had trembled with fright waiting for that hour, because is she had not been able to conceive the ultimate obstacle to Rebeca’s wedding, she was sure that at the last moment, when all the resources of her imagination had failed, she would have the courage to poison her.”    She’s frightened of having the courage to poison.
  • Wait just a minute!  Who will stand in front of a firing squad?  Is it Arcadio?  Is it Aureliano?  Because I’ve found references to both.
  • Remadios died: a disturbing sentence that mentioned “broth”.  I think Amaranta accidentally killed her when she was trying to kill Rebeca.
  • José Arcadio returned.  He’s now a tattooed giant which is great because it reminded me that giants are a theme in classic literature.  Now Queequeg and José Arcadio can compare ink.
  • Arcadio doesn’t know his father is José Arcadio; guess he wasn’t tipped off by the name.
  • Jose Arcadio and Rebeca wed.  Amaranta and Pietro didn’t.
  • Politics came to town.  There was election fraud and a plot to kill the Moscate family.
  • Aureliano started a revolt and gave himself the rank of Colonel.

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