100YS Chapter 6

16 Apr

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez9781435126053_p0_v2_s260x420

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Chapter 6

  • If Col. Aureliano Buendia was on a baseball card, his stats would read: 17 sons by 17 different women; survived 14 attempts on his life, 73 ambushes, and a firing squad.
  • Is this the same firing squad from the opening page of the book?
  • Col. A.B also had a failed suicide attempt when he shot himself in the chest.  The bullet came out without causing any major damage.  Great!  Now he and Anna Karenina‘s Vronksy can be buddies.
  • Col. A.B. leaves Macondo after putting Arcadio in charge.
  • Úrsula gets fed up with Arcadio’s cruelty and, using a whip, takes control of the town.
  • Amaranta rejects Pietro’s proposal-again.  Pietro commits suicide.  Why does Amaranta do this?  And why does she then self-inflict burns?
  • Arcadio tries to sleep with Pilar (his mother).  Pilar pays the virgin Santa Sofia to sleep with him instead.  They have a daughter.
  • The Liberals are being defeated and war comes to Macando.  All of Arcadio’s men are killed.
  • Arcadio is shot in front of a firing squad.  His last instructions are for his wife (did they marry?) in regards to naming their daughter and unborn child.

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