100YS Chapter 7

21 Apr

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez9781435126053_p0_v2_s260x420

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Chapter 7

  • Col. Aureliano Buendia is captured; Úrsula ignores the sentries blocking the way and goes in to see her son.  “I’m going in in any case,” Úrsula warned them.  “So if you have orders to shoot, start right in.”  Gutsy!
  • We’ve always known Col. A.B. has a sixth sense of sorts.  In this chapter he half-jokingly calls himself a wizard.  His premonitions are featured.
  • José Arcadio is murdered.  The book says it’s never discovered who killed him, but Rebeca was home, locked in the bathroom, and she never heard a thing.  (suspicious)
  • Gabriel García Márquez writes “magical realism”.  José Arcadio’s death is heavy on the “magical”.  His trail of blood wanders through town until it finds Úrsula.  The bedroom, where the body is, smells of gunpowder, the body smells of gun powder, but no gunshot wound is found.  In fact no wound is found at all.  I’ll spare you the details of the preparations of the body for the funeral, but… ewww.
  • After her husband’s murder, Rebeca “closed the doors of her house and buried herself alive, covered with a thick crust of disdain that no earthly temptation was ever able to break.”  Pretty clever word choices to describe the girl who ate dirt.
  • Col. A.B’s friend Col. Gerineldo Marquez is interested in Amaranta.  Why does she distance herself from all romantic relationships?  Must be part of the “solitude” that’s in the book’s title.
  • One last magical part of the chapter is when the ghost of Prudencio tends to José Arcadio Buendia in his final days.  When the patriarch dies (can you call what happened to him death?), it rained tiny, yellow flowers all over Macondo.

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