100YS Chapter 8

22 Apr

One_Hundred_Years_of_Solitude_by_CHEGUEVARA007One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

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Chapter 8

  • What is up with the twisted aunt/nephew relationship of Amaranta and Aureliano Jose?
  • Col. A.B.’s seventeen sons start arriving at Ursula’s doorstep to be baptized.
  • Captian Aquiles Ricardo shoots Aurelliano Jose, he, himself, is immediately shot and killed.  Four hundred men shoot into the dead Captain’s body, making it so that “A patrol had to use a wheelbarrow to carry the body, which was heavy with lead and fell apart like a water-soaked loaf of bread.”  Now there’s an image I could have done without!
  • Col. A.B. returns.  He won’t stop Gen. Moncada, his former father-in-law, from being executed.

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