100YS Chapter 10

24 Apr


One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

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Chapter 10

  • Name repetition.  Get used to it.  Úrsula has.  In fact she’s noticed that “While the Aurelianos were withdrawn, but with lucid minds, the José Arcadios were impulsive and enterprising, but they were marked with a tragic sign.”
  • The Segundo twins have swapped identities so many times that they may have even confused themselves with their switching.
  • Aureliano Segundo keeps his magical meetings with Melquiades a secret.
  • After witnessing an execution Jose Arcadio Segundo begins to help Father Isabel at church.
  • The Segundo Twins share a mistress named Petra Cotes.  Aureliano the 2nd keeps her and accumulates great wealth because of Petra’s power over his multiplying livestock.
  • Aureliano marries the “queen” Fernanda.  Fernanada and Petra have an undestanding in regards to the man they share.  How long will that last?
  • Remedios the Beauty isn’t “all there”.  Her looks make men obsessed with her.  She’s crowned Carnival queen and shares the title with the intruding “Queen of Madagascar” (Fernanda).  There’s an “attack” at the Carnival, but by whom?




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