100YS Chapter 12

26 Apr

One Hundred Years of SolitudeSolitude

Chapters 1-10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

  • Shortly after the arrival of the train in chapter 11, a movie theater comes to Macondo. Oh, the fraud of Hollywood.
  • Lonely for his chestnut tree, Jose Arcadio Buendia’s ghost returns.
  • Banana research and a gringo invasion:  what else is coming to Macondo.
  • Why does the Buendia Family feed all the strangers that pour into the home?
  • Remedios the Beauty really does try to discourage the attention of her followers but this only seems to make her more desirable.  A man removes tiles from the bathroom roof to watch her bathe.  Over and over she warns him that he will fall, and he does–to his death.
  • It seems that Remedios the Beauty has powers of death.  Is the amber-colored oil/scent she gives off really rotting whale?
  • Sixteen of Col. a.B.’s sons are murdered during the course of a week.  Only Aureliano Amador escapes into the mountains.
  • Never again will a Buendia receive the imposition of ashes.
  • Instead of sorrow over the loss of his sons, Col. Aurealiano feels rage.

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