100YS Chapter 13

28 Apr

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Chapters 1-10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

  • Úrsula’s gone blind.  She’s done so so successfully that no one knows.
  • Her blindness allows her to see her family’s flaws:
  • Col. Aureliano Buendia is “a man incapable of love.”
  • Amaranta’s action were “a mortal struggle between a measureless love and an invincible cowardice”.
  • Her adopted child, Rebeca, was “the only one who had the unbridled courage that Úrsula had wanted for her line.”
  • José Arcadio leaves for the seminary.
  • Fernanda loses her husband to his concubine and becomes “a widow whose husband has still not died”.
  • Aureliano Segundo invites The Elephant (Camila Sagastume) to compete in an eating contest with him.  The XL voice teacher with the delicate manners eats A2 under the table.  A2 thinks he’s going to die, but he recovers, not in his mistress’ home, but in the home of his wife.
  • Classic Word of the Day: proboscidian
  • Amaranta has taken up weaving her own funeral shroud.  That’s not weird at all.  She  seemed to “carry the cross of ashes of virginity on her forehead”  Nifty connection to your own book, Mr. Marquez.
  • Col. Aureliano is making and melting down golden fish, but only when he’s not burning his dead wife’s dolls.
  • Meme has gone to school to study the clavichord.  Her mother Fernanda tries to hide her husband’s infidelity, but Meme knows.
  • Meme seems to be the only Buendia that hasn’t revealed “the solitary fate of the family and she seemed entirely in conformity with the world…
  • Like her father, Meme loves a good party.  she invites four nuns and sixty-eight classmates to home.
  • Col. Aureliano dies in “miserable solitude” under the chestnut tree.

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