100YS Chapter 15

30 Apr

one-hundred-years-of-solitude-gabriel-garcia-marquez-posterOne Hundred Years of Solitude

 Chapters 1-10

Chapter 11

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Chapter 15

  • Fernanda keeps Meme’s son a secret.
  • Fernanda takes Meme to her childhood home where Meme recognizes the ghost of her grandfather.  The next day the silent woman is delivered to a convent where she would never speak but always remember “Mauricio Babilonia, his smell of grease, and his halo of butterflies…”
  • Fernanda is telepathically treated for an illness she won’t describe by invisible doctors.  Really.
  •  The banana workers strike when the officials use trickery to deal with the workers’ complaints.
  • José Arcadio Segundo predicts his own death.
  • The military is brought in to deal with the strike by shooting the workers.  JA2 is shot, but his prediction does not come true.  He witnesses the dead being packed into a train.  He is the only survivor.
  • JA2 walks back to Macondo where no one believes him about the massacre.
  • Soldiers searching the house cannot see JA2 hiding in Melquiades’ room.
  • Col. A.B used to talk the glory of war with JA2:  “He could not understand why he had needed so many words to explain what he felt in war because one was enough: fear.”  Our friend Henry Fleming from The Red Badge of Courage would have agreed.

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