100YS Chapter 16

01 May

One Hundred Years of Solitudeone-hundred-years-of-solitude-gabriel-garcia-marquez

Chapters 1-15

Chapter 16

  •  Rain has been falling in Macondo for almost five years.
  • Fernanda points out the fixations of the Buendia family members:  Aureliano Segundo has home repairs; Amaranta has her shroud; José Arcadio has Melquiades’ parchments; and Úrsula has her memories.
  • How disgusting was it that Úrsula’s back was paved with leeches!
  • I drew a little whale next to the line when Aureliano Segundo remember reading Melquiades’ stories about “flying carpets and whales that fed on entire ships and their crews.”  I do miss Moby-Dick.
  • Úrsula’s waiting for the rain to stop so she can die.  Considerate of her.
  • A2’s livestock is dying in the floods.
  • Petra Cotes and Fernanda are running out of food.
  • Fernanda spends a day ranting.  A2’s reaction is to smash posts and dishes, but then he goes out for food.
  • Úrsula’s confusing the past and present.  Will the gold from the St. Joseph statues ever be found?
  • Trying to make a comeback from the destruction of the livestock, Petra Cotes raffles off her last mule.

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5 responses to “100YS Chapter 16

  1. 23summerd

    May 1, 2014 at 10:19 am

    I personally loved Fernanda’s rant! It went on for so long, I could have sworn that I actually heard a faint buzzing in my ear as I read. It’s one thing to say, she was fed up and ranted about it for days. It’s another to actually spend two whole pages quoting her rants. This type of storytelling is what distinguishes Marquez as a great writer.


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