100YS Chapter 17

02 May

One Hundred Years of Solitude


Chapters 1-15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

  • “Úrsula had to make a great effort to fulfill her promise to die when it cleared”
  • She cleans; she restores; she debugs.
  • After all this time José Arcadio Segundo is still alive in Melquiades’ room.
  • Aureliano Segunda’s back to living with his mistriss.  The raffles are back in business.   $ is no longer squandered but carefully budgeted.
  • I’m noticing more and more the use of the word solitude/solitary.
  • Úrsula is no longer lucid.  Age has shriveled her; she “looked like a newborn old woman”.
  • We have another Monty Python moment

“Poor great-great-grandmother,” Amaranta Ursula said.  “She died of old age.”
Ursula was startled.
“I’m alive!” she said.
“You can see,” Amaranta Ursula said, suppressing her laughter, “that she’s not even breathing.”
“I’m talking!” Ursula shouted.
“She can’t even talk,” Aureliano said, “She died like a little cricket.”
Then Ursula gave in to the evidence.  “My God,” she exclaimed in a low voice, “So this is what it’s like to be dead.”

  • On Good Friday, at the age of 115 or 122 (It’s hard to say exactly) Ursula died.
  • Her steamy funeral reminded me of another steamy funeral.  Remember when  Meursault’s mother was laid to rest?
  • A monster is responsible for the bird plague.  The set a trap that catches and kills the Wandering Jew.
  • People are dying all over the place.  Rebeca’s dead, found with her finger in her mouth.
  • Fernanda has invisible surgery by telepathic doctors.
  • A2 is dying.  He works feverishly to earn enough money to send Amaranta Úrsula to Brussels.  I thought it interesting that he earns enough money to cover all expenses except for her fare back home.
  • Both A2 and JA2 die.  At the same time.  Once again they look identical.  The drunk men who carried the coffins mixed them up and the twins are buried in the wrong graves.  How the relatives know this, I do not know.

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