100YS Chapter 18

03 May

One Hundred Years of Solitude


Chapters 1-15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

  • Meme’s Aureliano studies Sanskrit at Melquiades’ request so he can read the parchments.
  • When Melquiades no longer appears,the magic of the room is gone.
  • After Aureliano Segundo dies, Petra Cotes secretly sends Fernanda a basket of food.  The charity is meant to humiliate the woman who humiliated her.
  • Sofia de la Piedad has been more servant than family member.  When the house turns against her, she leaves.
  • Even though Aureliano is in Melquiades’ room, Fernanda eats alone in the dining room facing “fifteen empty chairs“.  She’s still queen.
  • Is it elves or old age responsible for the misplaced items in the house? In 100YS it could be either.
  • Fernanda dies.  Aureliano preserves her body for four months until José Arcadio returns home.
  • Aureliano ventures out to the bookshop.  The bookshop owner has “eyelids contracting like two clams”.  I’m not sure exactly how to imagine that, but I like the thought.
  • José Arcadio has creepy dreams of Amaranta.
  • The letters he and his mother Fernanda had exchanged were all lies.
  • To combat the fears J.A. had acquired as a child, he invites the children of Macondo to play/destroy at the house.  This section has additional creepy parts, but they do find the St. Joseph gold in Úrsula’s room.
  • J.A. finally drives four kids out of the house.
  • J.A. and Aureliano form a bond of sorts: “That drawing closer together of two solitary people of the same blood was far from friendship, but it did allow them both to bear up better under the unfathomable solitude that separated and united them at the same time.”
  • The last of the 17 Aurealianos appears, is rejected at the Buendia home, and is promptly shot by 2 police officers that have been chasing him all this time.
  • The four whipped boys drown J.A. in his bath and take the gold.  It’s disturbing.

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