100 YS Chapter 19

05 May

One Hundred Years of Solitudeone_hundred_years_of_solitude

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Chapter 19

  • A married Amaranta Úrsula returns to Macondo with a wealthy, bug-studying, bicycle-riding, plane flying, leash-wearing husband named Gaston.
  • Ama. Úr. and Gaston love each other–everywhere.
  • She spends her time repairing the house.  He spends his time embracing the culture.
  • Gaston of Aureliano:  “… he did not buy the books in order to learn but to verify the truth of his knowledge…”  
  • Because Gabriel Garcia Marquez seems to fixate on inappropriate relationships, Aureliano has a thing for Amaranta Ursula.
  • Nigromanta–her name sounds an awful lot like Amaranta–is Aureliano’s substitute for Amaranta Úrsula.
  • Aureliano makes four friends.  ( I really hope these young men aren’t the ones who murdered José Arcadio.)
  • The wise Catalonian is the owner of the bookstore.  He used to be a classical literature prof.
  • Gaston’s plane still hasn’t arrived and Aureliano and Amaranta Ursula’s conncetion grows.
  • Pilar Tenera recognizes Aurealiano as a Buendia by “the pox of solitude” and she understand his heart because the “history of the family was a machine with unavoidable repetitions…”
  • Aureliano and Amaranta Ursula’s silent fight turns to sex.
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