100YS Chapter 20

06 May

One Hundred Years of Solitude100_9772

Chapters 1-15

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Chapter 20

  • Pilar dies and is buried in her rocker.  I was a little surprised she outlived Úrsula.  I wrongly guessed that the book would end with Úrsula’s death.
  • Classic Word of the Day candidate: incunabula
  • Aureliano’s friends are leaving Macondo, including the wise Catalonian.
  • Just because it mentions Michigan: “the girl in the red sweater painting watercolors by a lake in Michigan who waved at him with her brushes, not to say farewell but out of hope, because she did not know that she was watching a train with no return passing by.”
  • Gaston returns to Brussels, leaving Aureliano and Amaranta Úrsula to do a family repeat in the fashion of Jose Arcadio and Rebeca.
  • Gaston peacefully abandons his marriage only to request his bike.
  • Aureliano seeks to find out who his mother is,but not from the priest who says that he’s simply named after Buendia Street.
  • The couple births a baby boy with a pig’s tail.  Amaranta Ursula bleeds to death and the baby is carried away by red ants.
  • Melquiades’ scrolls become clear.  It is the end of Aurealiano.  The end of Macondo.
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One response to “100YS Chapter 20

  1. sandybram

    May 26, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    I just finished, reading the final few chapters on a plane last night. My favorite character by far was the spunky, can-do, amazing Ursula. In fact, maybe she was the only one I really liked. By the way, I just KNEW that baby was going to be born with a pig’s tail!! Definitely a very strange book. Have you guys had your big meeting about the book to go over the discussion questions? I wish I could be there for it; I’d love to hear your final thoughts. And thanks so much, Christine, for the great chapter summaries!


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