Beginning number four

11 Jun

th“Without fear of wind or vertigo”

Ack!  Military vehicles and propaganda slogans?  It’s 1984 all over again.  1984 with an ungrateful, dizzy woman, a revolt, an artillery soldier and a weird threesome relationship.

Anyone else have to look up what lazaretto means?

Our main character, Alex Zinnober must expose the identity of a spy.  Is it Irina?  At the end of the chapter Calvino twists the plot and has Alex find his own death sentence in the pocket of his friend.

Next!  One chapter is all we get.

Chapter [5]

Ludmilla and the Reader reject Lotaria’s in-depth analysis of “Vertigo”.  They (and I) “dream of putting behind you pages lacerated by intellectual analyses, you dream of rediscovering a condition of natural reading, innocent, primitive…”

How?  By having the Reader go to the publisher to find the rest of “Vertigo”.

Two shout outs in this chapter: 1. Dostoyevsky: spelled just the way I like it.
2. scatological: you know true classic literature must contain this theme.

Mr. Cavedagna is likeable but too overwhelmed at the publishing house to be much help in the Reader’s quest for “Vertigo”.  There’s discussion of a fake translator, Ermes Marana: one who believes a shake of the dice determines if a story or author becomes classic.  “Who knows which books from our period will be saved, and who knows which authors’ names will be remembered?”  Let’s revisit these two questions at our wrap-up, shall we?

Cavedagna shares yet another tale with the Reader and we are ready for…

Take Five!







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