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Mrs. Bennet’s Limerick

Mrs. Bennet’s social interactions are awkward and embarrassing. 
Here is an awkward and embarrassing limerick dedicated to this P&P character.

Mrs. Bennet’s a matchmaker.
Like one of her girls?  Here, take her!
     Getting daughters wed,
     it consumes her head.
Refused proposal?  Heart-breaker.

 Like Mrs. Bennet, who often shares too much, I shall now do the same and entertain you with rhymes my family suggested while I was composing this brief work of poetry.
“Family, I need words that rhyme with match-maker.”
“partaker”     “forsake her”     “leaf raker”     “pastry baker”

What’s your favorite embarrassing Mrs. Bennet moment?

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A Limerick for Two Royal Pains

I started reading DQ and wrote a sonnet.  After a few chapters, composing a limerick was in order.  This caused a rash of enjoyable limericks on our blog.  At the conclusion of Part I, there were several sonnets crafted.  While my brain recovers from 982 pages of knight-errantry, I’m back to jotting down limericks.  This one is dedicated to my least favorite DQ characters. 

You’re cruel, Duke and Duchess, I think.
From hoaxes, mean tricks, you don’t shrink.
     You enjoy it–true?!
     Selfish, through and through
As Don Quixote’s friends, you stink.


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Trading Sonnets for Limericks

There are sonnets scattered throughout Don Quixote, yet the slapstick humor that is found in the novel makes me think that limericks are a more fitting style of poetry for Cervantes’ work.  So, I have composed a limerick about our knight and his refusal to be mortally wounded in his adventures.

Oh, battered Knight of the Sorry Face
Not many of your teeth left in place
Rocks thrown at your head
Skull bashed while in bed
At the graveyard, we’ll save you a space.

Anyone else have a Don Quixote-inspired limerick to share?

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A Strange(r) Haiku

Back in the day this blog had poetry.
Poetry that we wrote ourselves.
Poetry that was inspired by the classic works we read: cinquain, acrostic, haiku, limerick, and even sonnets.

Why did we stop?
I suspect novel content.  Not novel as in new, but novel as in book.  The content of our books took a turn to the dark side, and it has felt wrong to craft poetic works about murder, greed, and infidelity.

Bleak subject matter or not, I am taking back poetry.


Mersault’s Haiku

Shooting on the beach
Why? The sun was in my eyes.
Guillotine for me.


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. . . but the good ones I’ve seen, so seldom are clean . . .*

I’m working on my limerick submission, but the end keeps tripping me up.

Sancho leaves his wife and his lass
Sets out on adventures, most crass.
He should doubt like Thomas
But trusts DQ’s promise
To give him his own brand new . . . island?

*so true


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