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Feeling Conflicted

This is my copy of The Scarlet Letter.

This is the magnetic bookmark that I’ve been using for The Scarlet Letter.

Can you see why I have felt conflicted?

So much so that sometimes I had to use the bookmark like this:

Just giving proof of my madness.

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Gothic Romance

Did you think this was going to be another post about Sikes and Nancy?  It’s not. We are quickly coming to the end of Oliver Twist, and it’s time to think about our next classic book.

This post is your official invitation to join us in reading our next novel Jane Eyre.  Charlotte Bronte’s novel is frequently described as a gothic romance.  What’s that you ask?  A spooky love story? 
Pretty much.

Gothic Romance: a romance that deals with desolate and mysterious and grotesque events.

Here’s what the back of my Penguin Popular Classics copy says about the book that is Bronte’s claim to greatness:

Orphaned into cold charity at the hands of her rich cousins and, later, at Lowood School, Jane escapes to take up a position as governess to the young war od Mr Rochester.  Their love affair, Jane’s discovery of Rochester’s secret–hideously concealed in the attic of Thornfield Hall–and her desperate flight are told in a drama of passionate intensity whose pace never slackens.

Oh!  It’s sounds very good, don’t you think?  Search your shelves at home; place a hold at the library; download it to your kindle; dash to a used book store; or order a copy online.  But get ready because “Jane Eyre is one of the great romantic heroines of world literature.”

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Follow-up on Fagin

On the heels of Jeannette’s post about Fagin, I have some questions. 

1.  In chapter XX, why does Fagin give Oliver the terrible crime book to read?  
     Is this part of Fagin’s behavior modification program for new gang members?
     Is this meant to be Oliver’s punishment for his stay at Brownlow’s?

2.  If Fagin gave Oliver a book, that means Oliver can read.
    Oliver can read?!
    When did a workhouse orphan learn to read?

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