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When it’s brown it’s cookin’ . . .

Little Known Madame Bovary Fact:  Like most of us, Flaubert had a very strong feeling about the proper preparation of s’mores.  He puts his opinion in the voice of an angered Homais,

Go ahead – go right ahead – don’t respect anything!  Smash!  Crash!  Let the leeches loose!  Burn the marshmallow!  Make pickles in the medicine jars!

I think it’s fair to say this man had some traumatic childhood camping experience.

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Hurry up!

I’ve mentioned that I took Madame Bovary camping.  While my children played in the cool water of Lake Superior, I relaxed in a beach chair and read.

One evening I continued reading while my crew prepared that night’s s’more fire.

“Mom?  Are you going to keep reading?  Don’t you want s’mores?”
“Yes, I’ll eat s’mores.  I’m just waiting for this character to die.”
“Die?”  “Who’s dying?”  “How are they going to die?”

I gave a “cleaned-up” version of the plot, went back to reading, and was amused every time one of my children asked, “Is she dead yet?”

I finished Madame Bovary the next morning as the sunshine poured through the windows of our rustic cabin and my exhausted family continued sleeping.  Upon waking, the first thing they wanted to know was, “Is she dead?”

“Yep.  and her husband died too.”


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Traveling with Madame

I took Madame Bovary camping.
Ironic, right?!  Emma Bovary in her swishing skirts and veil camping!

As I sat at our rustic cabin’s picnic table, covered in bug spray, sunscreen and wood smoke, I thought to myself,
“Ha!  Take that Emma B.  You and your fancy-pants self.”

“I can read all about your fru-fru orders to the draper for dress fabric, arm-chair covers and bric-a-brac, but just know this… I haven’t had a shower in three days!”


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