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One of my favorite habits as a Classics Reader and citizen of West Michigan is finding references to our books amid the thousands of entries in one of the largest art competitions in the world, ArtPrize.  In years past I’ve seen bits of Gulliver’s Travels,


Moby Dick,

ArtPrize Moby Dicks Tail

and even an unintentional Great Gatsby reference.

ArtPrize Great Gatsby Glasses

This year’s festival just started yesterday, and I haven’t yet been downtown to see the works in their glory, but the media’s been pretty good at flooding my feed with glimpses of what awaits.  Including this rather unexpected entry:

Even though Mrs. Emma B. wasn’t my favorite character or novel, I would love to hear this.  The piece is by Grand Rapids Symphony’s principal oboist for their newly appointed principal cellist.  According to this interview it is heavily influence and inspired by Flaubert’s work.

It’s an actual ArtPrize entry, and if you can’t make the concert you can always listen to the midi file online.  Personally, I’d rather scramble to find a last-minute babysitter and some dough for some tickets.

*crickets chirping*

What?  That’s not the sound of crickets I hear?  Oh, I see, it’s the sweet music of electronic strings.  That makes more sense.


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Madame Karenina? Anna Bovary?

I read somewhere that Anna Karenina is like Madame Bovary.

In fact our friend Gina shared that her copy of AK has an intro that includes a passing reference to Flaubert and a quote from the Mme B author about Tolstoy: “What an artist and what a psychologist!”

Have you seen any similarities yet?

Oh, yes.  There’s the infidelity.  I’m not giving anything away by mentioning the affairs.  Even the back of my book does.

Then there’s the missing main character.  I’m seventy-five pages into Anna Karenina and have yet to meet her.  Does that sound familiar?  Quite like Mme B, I’d say.

Any other similarities?


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Stupid Questions: POV Edition

So, was anyone else confused when Madame Bovary began in first person and then abruptly switched to omniscient point of view in the middle of the first chapter?

What was that about?

Who was the brief classmate of Charles?

When do writers start getting editors?


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