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See Ya in the Funny Papers

Even the Sunday Comics make me think of Oliver.


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Book Judging

In Chapter XIV Oliver visits Mr. Brownlow in his library.  Our workhouse orphan is amazed at the number of titles.  Mr. Brownlow assures Oliver that he will read them someday.

“You shall read them, if you behave well,” said the old gentleman kindly; “and you will like that better than looking at the outsides,–that is, in some cases; because there are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts.”

Backs and covers are the best parts?!  Thanks for the chuckle, Mr. Dickens.

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Oliver’s Sequel

I drug took my children to a resale shop after school last week.  I had seen that this particular store was having a 50% off sale on all books.  Now this DIY master’s degree that I’m working toward through the WEM program is cheap on tuition but costly on books.  Have I mentioned that I have to read over thirty novels?  Because of this I am always on the lookout for used classics.  In fact I carry a list of needed titles in my purse.  Truth be told, I even have lists for my co-bloggers as well.  What can I say?  We’re frugal gals.

Now let me paint the picture.  My three children are seated in the book section of the store.  They are occupied with swiveling office chairs (“Mom!  These chairs are for sale!”) and a few Christmas books that were set out on a table.  I am scanning titles as quickly as I can, wondering why no one parts with his copy of Moby Dick or Anna Karenina

As I was promising for the second time that I was almost done, my middle child interrupted,

“Mom!  Come look!  I found Oliver Stone.  I think that’s the sequel to Oliver Twist!”

Oh, buddy.  Ummm,  no.  But thanks for trying to help.  

I guess this sometimes happens when you expose your children to great works of literature.

PS.  I was able to score two copies of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and two copies of Hardy’s The Return of the Native for 50 cents each!

PPS.  Anyone out there need seven copies of The Scarlet Letter?  I know where you can find them.

PPPS.  I also found a children’s version of a classic we’ve already read.  I’ll share it with you tomorrow. 
         Any guesses as to what it is?


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Open up!

Great-Heart and company have decided to battle the Giant Despair to prevent him from doing any more damage to the pigrims who travel in The Way.  They leave the woman with Mr. Ready-to-halt and Mr. Feeble-mind.  This in itself amused me.  The two men chosen to protect the vulnerable, female pilgrims are lacking physically and mentally.  The mighty men go up to the Doubting Castle.  Great-Heart knocks, and Giant Despair asks who has come to provoke him.  This is a small part of Great-Heart’s reply:

“And I demand of thee that thou open thy gates for my entrance, prepare thyself also to fight, for I am come to take away thy head, and to demolish Doubting Castle.”

For I am come to take away thy head? 
Open up.  I’d like your head, please.

This may be my favorite humorous PP quote. 
This may be the only humorous PP quote.

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Not Interesting

Dull.  That’s right.  Dull is the name of a young woman in the second part of PP.  She’s only briefly mentioned.  So in honor of her name… I give you my husband’s favorite lightbulb joke. 

How many dull people does it take to change a lightbulb?

gratuitous Black Hills photo


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Tentatio Material for sure.

I think we should invite Christiana and Mercy to join us on a Saturday morning run.  They already have some terminology that seems pretty applicable to me.

Then they set forward and began to go up the Hill, and up the Hill they Went; but before they got to the top, Christiana began to Pant, and said, I dare say this is a breathing Hill; . . . Then said Mercy, I must sit down: . . .

I *pant* hear you, *pant* girls.


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Can you back up?

Oh, Bunyan,  sometimes, your choice of words makes me smile.  Christian and Faithful have just met Talkative.  Let me use the text to describe this new character.

“He was a tall man, and something more comely at a distance than at hand.”

Excuse me?  Did Bunyan just say that Talkative looked better from far away?  Yes, that’s exactly what he said, because later he says it again when Christian and Faithful are discussing Talkative.

Faithful.  Well, he seems to be a very pretty man.
Christian. That is to them that have not thorough acquaintance with him, for he is best abroad; near home he is ugly enough:”…….

Maybe Talkative and Maritornes could have shared the congeniality prize.


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