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No, thank you, I’m still full from 1984.

surfeit –  v.  to no longer desire something because it has been consumed to an excess

Classical Usage:  By Part Three Chapter VI Emma has had enough of Léon, and vice versa.  She was as surfeited with him as he was tired of her.  Adultery, Emma was discovering, could be as banal as marriage.

Classically Mad Usage:  One Christmas Eve day when I was nine or ten I gorged on those little oyster crackers covered in oil and ranch dressing seasoning.  They are surfeited for life.

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A Little Less Slaking Was In Order

slaking – v.  quenching or satisfying desires

Classical Usage:  While Emma and Léon are in their “honeymoon” (blech, puke, gag me with a spoon) days of the affair everything is more beautiful and lovely in their eyes.  This is how Flaubert describes it:  it was as though nature had not existed before, or had only begun to be beautiful with the slaking of their desires.

Classically Mad Usage:  It’s hot here this week.  Really hot.  It might take an entire lake to slake my thirst.

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