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When at first you don’t succeed, punt.

After a dithyrambic performance of the closing hymn the priest offered up vituperations to the organist, then grabbed some malmsey and the pyx and through the means of the sacrament brought both he and her a healing unacheived by any tisanes.  Meanwhile at the dock, some stevedores unloaded crates off a ship.

These are the words, with which you too can construct a sentence.  Or two.

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Glug Glug

malmsey – n.  a fortified sweet Madiera wine

Classical Usage:  This is the type of passage that has become the only portion of Madame Bovary that I’m enjoying.  I think Flaubert writes beautifully descriptive analogies.  Okay, you’re right, sometimes what he’s describing is far from beautiful, maybe striking is a better choice of adjectives.  You be the judge, this is from Part Two, Chapter XII:  Hers was an infatuation to the point of idiocy; the intensity of her admiration for him was matched by the intensity of her own voluptuous feelings; she was in a blissful torpor, a drunkenness in which her very soul lay drowned and shriveled, like the duke of Clarence in his butt of malmsey.

Classically Mad Usage:  Malmsey, please.

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