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Next time?

Book II

But of the whole business there was one angle that bothered him; he should have gotten more money out of it; he should have planned it.  He had acted too hastily and accidentally.  Next time things would be much different; he would plan and arrange so that he would have money enough to keep him a long time.

Next time?
Next time!

He’s just committed a crime, and he’s already planning the next one?
I’m finding it difficult to sympathize with Bigger when he says this.

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I Have a Question

On this, the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, I can’t help but wonder a few things.  Things like –

  • What would Richard Wright think about the March on Washington?
  • Doesn’t it seem like Wright had a nightmare in constrast to Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream?
  • Would Wright approve of the direction that the Civil Rights Movement took Amercia?
  • Do you think he could ever have imagined that a black man from Chicago would be the President of the United States?
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Something Bad

Not even thirty pages into Native Son, I have decided something bad is going to happen to our main character Bigger.

In the opening scene, Bigger kills a rat then tortures his sister with it.  There’s a discussion about how if Bigger does not get a job the family will lose their public assistance.  Bigger’s mom makes a terrible statement.

Bigger, sometimes I wonder why I birthed you,” she said bitterly.

Later she foretells:

And the gallows is at the end of the road you traveling, boy.  Just remember that.”

This gives us a pretty clear indication of what home life is like for our main character.

Lest you think Mrs. Thomas is the only one who sees a bleak future for Bigger, here’s what he has to say about himself:

Sometimes I feel like something awful’s going to happen to me,” Bigger spoke with a tinge of bitter pride in his voice.

Author Richard Wright is steering this novel, and he’s already let us know we’re in for a fatal collision.

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Getting Started

I cracked the cover of Native Son.  Have you?
Did you notice the Bible quote at the beginning of Book One?  It’s from the book of Job.

Even today is my complaint rebellious,
My stroke is heavier than my groaning. Job 23:2

Remember Job?  He experienced tremendous suffering in his life.
Can we count the verse as foreshadowing?
I don’t think things are going to be easy for our main character.

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