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See ya, Stranger

The Stranger

We finished the book.  Not that it matters.  This is The Stranger after all.  Nothing matters.

What should you do now?  Consult the list and make a choice.  Camus says that “one life is as good as another”; the same goes for your choice.

1. Complete your WEM wrap-up questions.  Did you retitle the book?  I did.  I’ll share.
A Callous Life: The events of Mersault’s life have no ultimate meaning: not the death of a loved one, not the proposal of marriage, not the murder of a stranger, and not receiving his own death sentence.
2 Don’t feel like retitling?  Instead write a minute summary and share it instead.
3. Take the Sparknotes Quiz.  Did you remember the slapping?
4. Listen to The Cure’s companion song one more time.
4. Search shelves and used book stores for our next title– 1984.

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